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  • I have passed Level I of the CFA® Program exam in my first attempt. Thank you sooo much sir for your all rounded preparatory guidance. This is really a blessing for me, you are my TRUESSTT mentor ! Believe me, in all my engineering/ schooling, I never ever cherished learning as much as I did in Level I CFA Program exam preparation. Much of credit goes to you for creating a wonderful learning atmosphere, guidance and motivation (v imp. I believe) !!!
    Chandan Khanna

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam. Currently preparing for Level II exam. A big thanks to you for your support and help provided during the preparation of Level II exam this time. Without your support and guidance it would not be possible for me to clear it . The methodology of teaching is great at Finguru - with help of live examples and proper illustrative explanations it was very convenient to understand the concepts. What I feel was the best thing is that you always revert to our queries, which is the most essential part to get the concepts cleared - (because if there is even one doubt one cant move ahead).  So thanks a lot for making this tough journey easy for me. According to me FINGURU is the best institute to prepare for CFA Program exams :-)
    Gaurav Sodhi

  • Just wanted to let you know that I have passed Level II of the CFA Program exam and again, like Level I, I attribute it to you. Thanks for the guidance and coming from an engineering background, it would have been almost impossible to pass Level I in December'12 and Level II in June'13 without your support. I am looking forward to being trained by you for Level III of the CFA Program exam.
    Kartik Vijay

  • I am very delighted to inform you that I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam with more than 70% score in all the subjects. I want to thank you for your mentoring and motivating us to work hard. will definitely see you in Level II exam. Time for some cheers!!!
    Abhinav Grover

  • I joined finguru coaching Classes in June, 2012 for my Level I CFA Program exam and I wanted to inform you that I have passed the Level I exam and would like to thank you for your guidance and support without which I wouldn't have made it. Coming from an engineering background it was difficult for me to understand even some of the basic financial concepts but I should give complete credit to you for capturing my attention and making the classes more interesting and interactive.
    Kartik Vijay

  • I would like to thank you and the entire faculty of Finguru for the guidance and the knowledge that has been shared with us as I have successfully passed Level I CFA Program exam.
    Pankhil Trehan

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam in my first attempt. Being an engineer, I thought it will be difficult for me but my decision to join Finguru made the task much easier. The personal attention that everybody gets at FinGuru is just phenomenal. All the faculty members are great and make everything simple to understand. Sushant Sir himself is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, helpful and down-to-earth. At one point of time, due to pressure at work I decided to defer my June exam to Dec, but Sushant Sir encouraged and motivated me against it and finally I managed to get 70+ in all subjects. All credit goes to him. I can give in writing that this level of personal attention you won't get anywhere else!
    Kaustubh Malik

  • I really don't know how my Level I CFA Program exam went. And I don't know how my result is going to be but I wanna thank you for all your guidance and motivation.I have gone to many coaching classes and everyone I found to be very commercial but unlike that I found you very dedicated and a strong desire for his students to prosper in life. Thanks for everything. Hopefully in future I will get to learn from you again.
    Raisa Adhikari

  • It was a wonderful experience for me as I didn't have any finance background but the efforts of the faculty gave me enough confidence and knowledge to pass Level I CFA Program exam.
    Atul Mehta, (Hospitality Management)

  • Teaching methodology was good. It was properly outlined and distinct. The faculty was right up to the level required for CFA Program Coaching
    Sameer Agarwal (B.Com Hons, Graduate)

  • I was able to concentrate more on studies by attending these classes, as I could see a lot of enthusiasm in students and Prof. Sushant, who encouraged us a lot. The faculty is very well versed with the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject. The notes and handouts were very useful from the exam perspective
    Charu Gupta, Analyst

  • Attention was given to each student in the class. Faculty was exceptional in clearing doubts. Teaching methodology was very effective
    Sumit Sabharwal (Member R&D Team, Ion Trading Ltd)

  • The coaching was definitely of great help. I am sure I am much more confident about the whole course now. Faculty gave their best to every single topic they covered and really ensured that we understand the stuff. The format of classes, notes and everything was prepared in a way which made it easier for us to understand everything. And the enthusiasm of the faculty was great
    Varun Lakhwani

  • The live examples given in class along with the group discussions were probably the best thing in the class. It helped me to understand the topics and remember them. I think the material captured the major and important topics from the syllabus
    Shweta Aggarwal

  • Great question bank, faculty is approachable, and coaching structure is very helpful. Excellent teaching skills. Material is too good, through which we can revise the concepts very quickly. Help provided is excellent
    Gagan Agrawal (B.Tech)

  • Great faculty and teaching methodology. The material provided was very helpful for a quick glance through the course. The questions provided in every class proved to be very helpful. The faculty is very cooperative and highly qualified. I enjoyed the experience and hopefully should be back for coaching for Level II exam.
    Arpit Jain (Research Analyst)

  • I had taken your online video lecture series to prepare for my exam. Being in the investment banking sector, taking time off from work and balancing studies becomes a tough task. However, with the help of your lecture series, I managed to passed my Level II of the CFA Program exam. Thank you for the help. I hope to take up the Level III exam coaching series as well.
    Pranav Kapoor - Investment Banking

  • "I am happy to inform you that I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam with a score of >70% in all the 10 subjects. I would like to thank you for your constant support and guidance throughout and the amazing classes!"
    Nikita Ajwani (Senior Audit Assistant, Deloitte)

  • "I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam. I had signed up for the online access with Finguru last June. The videos were excellent and the practice questions proved to be very useful. Together they played a very very important role in helping me achieve this result. Thank you so much!!!"
    Arun Kumar

  • I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful experience of getting to learn from you. The great amount of effort and hard work that you put in each and every class in explaining some of the toughest concepts makes the learning process a lot simpler. Whether I pass or fail in my exam, I got to learn a lot from you, not just finance but much more. Teaching is one of those noble professions that has the potential to influence the lives of people and you are among the finest of teachers. Your sincerity and enthusiasm is absolutely cool and inspiring and it is reflected in your pedagogy. Wish we had more teachers like you!!!!!
    Achal Bhalla

  • I really like the immediate attention which is given to our doubts in the class as well as after the class. This really helps. I really like the way the curriculum is linked to real life situations in the lecture because that makes it easy to recollect & memorize too. Even faculty for FRA is great every concept is clear and understood. I took coaching form Finguru for Level I CFA Program exam and for sure, I will be coming for Level III also, if i pass Level II exam. As far as the notes are concerned, I find them comprehensive and understandable.
    Rohini Sethi (B.com Hons)

  • I am Siddharth Rathi, I enrolled in Finguru for the Online Access Package for my Level I CFA Program exam, 2017 Batch. I have passed the exam with 8 subjects above 70%. It's something I am proud of and most of the credit for a result like this has to be with your thorough and comprehensive teaching method. It enabled me to prepare appropriately for everything required. I followed your advice to the dot and now am reaping such results. I would like to appreciate the style and quality of the teaching on the Online platform and it just blew me away. Thank you so much for the not just the videos of the classes but the various inputs via email that were sent on exactly the right times too. Once again thank you very much for your support and guidance
    Siddharth Rathi

  • The experience was great. I learned a lot in the classes. The classes conducted are very interactive & when it comes to faculty, it is up to the mark. They are always there to help you out & guide you. Taking classes at Finguru is surely worth it.
    Anisha Gupta B.Sc (Math)

  • This coaching surely made a change in my perception with the word Coaching. What i experienced here was way better than all the conventional coaching I have ever attained. Sushant sir is one of the best teacher I was ever been taught by. Material was good. Overall it was a great experience with Level II CFA Program curriculum & all the study sessions were unique.
    Shubham Bhardwaj B.A (Hons) Economics

  • Training with Finguru have been a great learning experience. The knowledge gained is not just relevant for Level I CFA Program exam but something that will stay with me forever. Bang on teaching strategy. The classes were conducted professionally and up to the standards. Thank you for giving the best of your knowledge.
    Gurleen Kour B.A (H) Economics M.A (H) Economics MBA Financial Markets

  • Overall experience is really good 5/5. I don’t know it any competition exists in NCR
    Ram Chandra Agrawal B.Tech (Electronics) 11 years of experience in IT industry as Business Analyst (Capital market Domain)

  • I had a great learning experience at Finguru for my Level II CFA Program exam preparation. The material provided is concise and clear. Sushant sirs teaching is amazing. The way he explains topics makes everything seem easier. Ankur sir also has a very different method of teaching. I enjoyed learning from both of them.The after hours guidance was also helpful for the times whenever i had doubts both of them teachers were responsive on whats-app.
    Kalyani Shingari MSC. Business Finance

  • It has been a great experience studying here. Level ll CFA Program exam coaching classes just start with quant where i thought I would not able to match up with the speed. But it took me 4-5 classes to understand the importance of what Sushant used to teach in our classes. I like the way Sushant sir and Ankur sir used to teach i got the right motivation of the right time. Live classes and the videos where so helpful through out of my Level II CFA Program journey. If i clear it, Finguru would be the reason for it. Thanks a lot hope to see this class again in Level III training.
    Kriti Goswami B.com (H)

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam in my first attempt. Sushant Sir is truly excellent. With his teaching style every concept was easy to understand. He constantly motivates us and answers questions 24/7. He has a passion to teach and his teaching style is impeccable. He always tries to make the best out of you and answers your queries anytime. The course material provided is also very helpful.
    Vikas Bhatia- MBA, B. Com(H), Finance Professional

  • Enrolling for the CFA program is one of the important decisions of my life. I wanted a positive environment to learn but also a mentor who teaches me the core of Level I CFA Program exam preparation while particularly focusing on the exam aspects. I am satisfied with the material video lectures and teaching methodology adopted at Finguru.
    Abir Rajvanshi- B. Com(H)

  • The faculty at finguru is excellent. Sushant sir teaches very well. I would like to continue with Finguru for subsequent CFA Program because of his exemplary teaching skills.
    Shivin Upasani- Economics Hons)

  • I really like the way Sushant sir taught us. He explained all the concepts in a practical manner by giving real life examples to us which is why we remember things.
    Ashman Khaneja, BCA

  • Finguru has really helped me to understanding the concepts of Level I CFA Program curriculum. The level of professionalism is excellent and amazing. The faculty is always available for our questions and doubts, be it real or virtual. The lectures provided on the website or even helping us to achieve more. I am glad to have gained knowledge from here. The notes provided are precise brief and helpful. The presentations are enough to proceed with confident because they make you remember what you have learned.
    Ranjeet Singh, B. Com

  • I have passed Level II of the CFA Program exam and currently preparing for Level III. 'Thank you' is too feeble, but there aren't any better substitutes for it. The CFA Program would not be a learning experience without you steering the learning process. For someone like me, absolutely unaware of any aspect of Finance, you made the curriculum not only approachable but also interesting and a bit of a friendly foe. I could have perhaps made through the exams on my own, but it's only the time spent at Finguru that I've learnt how Finance is actually used - through your experiences, anecdotes and examples. Thank you for that. Without reserve, you're among the best teachers I've ever had and I'm truly grateful for that.
    Soumya Gupta,

  • Teachers are very accessible and strive to be of utmost service. The teaching was example based which made the learning easy and fast
    Tushar Karan (B.Tech, IIT Delhi)

  • Really liked the energy levels, use of proper examples, trainers being very knowledgeable and the size of the batch. It was a very good experience being in this batch as I learned many new things. The use of examples in our classes made me teach the theoretical Knowledge of real world scenarios. Mr. Sushant guided me through various aspects such as how should I prepare, manage time etc. The biggest positive point was motivation which made me reach these classes on time every time. Teaching methodology was also one of the positive points. The location also looks good
    Anuj Gulati (B.com Hons, Working at KPMG)

  • Just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the guidance. The exam went well and definitely a lot better than my previous attempt in December. Overall I felt quite confident during the paper. You have been amazing instructors, as well as guides. Some exam questions were word -to-word those you had discussed in class. I really value the disciplined manner in which you completed the course and the content on the website. I spent the last 2-3 days doing questions from the question bank and it made a huge difference to my preparation and confidence. Hope to see you again in Level II CFA Program exam. Thanks a ton, Sir! Whatever the outcome, you made the Preparation classes a memorable learning experience!
    Soumya Gupta

  • My experience at Finguru was pretty good and i think taking coaching proved out to be a much needed thing for me. Due to time constraint, i did not go through CFA Program curriculum or schweser material, I am only relying on your Notes and videos, and I must say it doesn't lack content-wise as I am able to solve all the curriculum questions. Hence, all I have to say is good about FinGuru. Thank you.
    Garima Gupta (B.tech ECE, MBA Finance)

  • I wanted to share the good news that I have passed Level III of the CFA Program exam. I would like to thank you Finguru Institute for the support and mentoring that was provided. I was fortunate enough to have received mentoring and guidance not only from the exam perspective but also from a career perspective in the course of my association with Finguru. I have been actively recommending Finguru as a very reliable training institute to crack the exams because I personally felt it had a huge contribution to my success.
    Nandan Vohra, RBS - Credit Risk Analyst

  • The overall experience at Finguru was great. Considering the scope of the material & the duration of the course, the classes were detailed & covered most of the topics with patience & the right pace for an engineer to understand them. It was enriching to be taught by Sushant Sir, the amount of knowledge & the way of teaching or imparting that knowledge is commendable. I definitely recommend FinGuru to all contacts considering CFA Program or any study in finance. Thanks!
    Rahul Khanna B.E.

  • I have passed Level II of the CFA Program exam and currently preparing for Level III. The classes were conducted regularly & on time. Also the mails from Sushant sir kept me on my toes to study & try out questions. The material provided is concise & complete because of which I was able to solve 90% of questions. The examples used to teach are very effective & helpful to remember the topic.
    Payal Mittal MBA (Ops & HR) (2 yr exp)

  • The faculty was the main reason that i joined Finguru as i had received a lot of good feed backs. The teaching methodology was really very good. The video backup is the best thing to have if you missed the classes or get behind certain concept. I found the query solution through whatsapp and web portal very prompt. Looking forward to meet in training for Level II CFA Program exam.
    Madhav B.com (H) ,Reserch Analyst (1 year) ,Trade Technical Analyst (8 months)

  • I am currently preparing for Level I CFA Program exam at finguru and overall satisfied. The faculty seems to have a deep understanding of the topics and the manner in which they deliver the knowledge is quite awesome. The material is compact and you need to refer books from CFA Program curriculum for practice.
    Varun Tanwar- CA, B. Com

  • I am currently preparing for Level I CFA Program exam at finguru. All the concepts have been taught very nicely. The notes the way of teaching and the faculty has been very beneficial to us in going through our course. They have met my expectations. Overall its satisfaction level has encouraged me to join Finguru for subsequent Levels of CFA Program.
    Charu Guliani- B. Com(H)

  • I am currently preparing for Level I CFA Program exam at finguru. We were able to clear our doubts both personally and in groups. Faculty is approachable. Frequent tests and revisions classes helped a lot. Excellent facilities were offered in the class with best faculty
    Apar Gupta, B.Com(H)

  • The fact that I actually looked forward to coming for the class is a testimony to the fact that the classes were interesting and engaging. Even though I didn't start studying until very late (April infact), I randomly attempted questions and I was shocked to get the majority right. In this was probably because concepts in class were clearly explained. Personally I m the kind of Person who takes a lot of the time to grasp concepts and the fact that sir explained and repeated most of the concepts minimum 2-3 times even before asking helped me comprehend stuff and believe. I really hope I will pass my Level I CFA Program exam this time but in any case whenever I clear, I will comeback to Finguru for subsequent Levels of CFA Program. I wish we had such quality of teachers at schools and Delhi university.
    Teertha Arora (B.com Honrs, Working at BCG)

  • I have joined Finguru coaching classes for my Level II CFA Program exam and they met my expectations. The notes provided are very well scrutinized from CFA Program curriculum & very purposefully made for a well before exam revision, concept clarity, content topics, way of teaching & proper guidance all are provided at once are well structured. The order of subjects was well taken care of. In FRA, the relevant topics were covered & they were very well covered in depth.
    Vaishali Gupta (B.com Hons, MBA Finance)

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam and currently preparing for Level II. Being a working professional, I was out of touch from studies from almost 6 years. I was very scared to start with my preparation but thanks to Sushant sir & Ankur Sir for making me feel comfortable to continue with my goal towards CFA Program. The way of presentation of any topic, explanation of the same in classrooms is something I would really like to appreciate - as it helped in understanding the concept in very effective way. I would like to forward my sincere thanks to Finguru Institute for keeping me stay focused towards my goal & would like to wish all the best to Sushant Sir & Ankur Sir.
    Neeraj Bilochi, MBA (Finance) B.Sc (6.5 yr exp)

  • I am currently preparing for my Level I CFA Program exam at Finguru. The overall experience with Sushant sir has been very good. His teaching skills are very different. Many concepts have been made very easy by him. The material provide by Finguru is brief but to the point. Keep up the good work, will definitely recommend this to others. Thank you
    Mayank Tayal B.com (H)

  • I am currently preparing for my Level I CFA Program exam at finguru. Before joining finguru I had no information about the CFA Program curriculum. But within a month, I was able to relate the study material with my work that I have been doing for 2-years. Training at FinGuru my mind has become more adept at applying the concepts and has along with practical experience has helped me earn me a Senior Analyst post.Faculty is very good and the way of teaching is good and understandable.
    Abhimanyu Singh, BA(Hons) Economics

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam and currently preparing for Level II. The teaching methodology was very good especially the way Classroom lectures were held. Sushant sir uses a lot of examples which made Complex topics a bit easier.
    Bharti Sood- MBA, 4 years of experience)

  • I have passed Level II exam of the CFA Program and obviously I am very happy. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best teacher I have come across
    Raisa Adhikari

  • I am currently preparing for my Level I CFA Program exam at Finguru and want to thank you for every effort you put in for us. Thanks for showing me the most harmonious path to my dream. I feel honored to be under your tutelage. Salutes Higher.
    Jai Singh Gambhir

  • I got more practical idea about the investment world from the examples provided in the classes. The handouts provided were very useful and we were provided sufficient questions for each topic after each class
    Sumit Mittal (B.Com (H))

  • The experience was great. Faculty is available for the doubts be it offline or online. A good experience overall. Content was understandable throughout the class.
    Nitish Mishra (Graduate)

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam and currently preparing for Level II. The experience was quite good and the faulty is very experienced & informative. The problems are also solved very efficiently. As far as syllabus is concerned it is covered at a great pace without any delays.The material provided has more questions to solve for practicing as homework. Overall classroom is excellent and both our faculty are thorough and motivating
    Vaibbhav Sachdeva B.com (H), PGDM (finance markets)

  • I had a very positive experience from Finguru, the teaching methodology is very good and faculty is helpful when it comes to doubt solving and re-explaining of any topic
    Abhishek, B.A (H) Economics

  • I am currently preparing for my Level I CFA Program exam at Finguru. This course is completely different from my academic background and work experience. So these classes were really imperative for me. The material, the way of teaching and faculty provided were good, supportive & knowledgeable.
    Jyoti Daija, BE (Electronics &Communications), 7 years of experience)

  • The teaching methodology was quite systematic and taken up from scratch. Sufficient home assignments were provided.
    Namita Jain (Student, English Hons. Final Year)

  • I have passed Level II of the CFA Program exam. Thank you so so much for instilling confidence and having faith in me. Definitely you made me sail when I was at the brink of retiring from appearing for Level II this year and asking for a deferral on basis of a family-death-exception. It wasn't possible without your guidance and motivation that I would have cleared it against all odds. Thank you very much Sir."
    Prabal Chhabra (Research & Business Analyst - M&A)

  • The material provided is very helpful. In terms of the teaching methodology and the support being extended to get the individual queries answered via various mode/way is very feasible. I personally believe that both Sushant Sir and Ankur Sir - are among those handful people in the area of teaching - who have got a vast and good hold on the basics of the content/course. Their way of teaching is very different in terms - all their concepts are backed by an instant example. They always present/make things look simple.Overall - it was indeed a good experience with Finguru and was worth it.
    Amyn Lakhani, B.Com Hons

  • It was a Great experience Thank you! Both the faculties Sushant and Ankur were amazing. They knew content well & were able to deliver it also properly. Material is too good, Self explanatory. Best part is videos that provided of live classrooms teaching most helpful. Thank you overall. GREAT EXPERIENCE!
    Karishma Gupta (BFIA from SSCBS)

  • My sister & all my seniors who are CFA Program candidates suggested me to join FinGuru for My Level I CFA Program exam preparation and I am glad to have done that. The way of teaching & study material is really useful.
    Vridhi Bhatia B.Hons (Economics)

  • I am currently preparing for my Level I CFA Program exam at Finguru. Being from non-finance background the faculty cleared all my concepts. The training has been great.
    Kartika Aggarwal- BE(ECE), 2 years experience

  • Thanks for your very brief notes (I believe, all 240 questions could be attempted by studying from your notes, teaching and exam tips), it really helped me to cover up Level I CFA Program curriculum in one month and trying to attempt entire paper.
    Avinash Sharma (Evalueserve)

  • Finally, I'm done with the CFA Program exams after receiving congratulation email from CFA Institute. I would like to THANK YOU for all your support and learning throughout my 18 month journey of CFA Program It's only you, who made it possible for me!!! Thanks Again for all the learning, support and motivation
    Siddharth Mukherjee

  • In my opinion, Faculty members imparted the classes in an effective manner. Sushant sir knows how to impart knowledge in a structured way & in terms of solving & giving answers to all the questions, he satisfy the one who asks. Teaching Methodology is very good. The material which was been provided helps us a lot & videos recalls what has been taught. The faculties are approachable. Talking about Ankur, I loved the way he taught and even in terms of giving answers, very knowledgeable, understood the question in one go. Great experience here. Thanks a lot.
    Kalika (B.com MBA Finance)

  • I am currently preparing for my Level I CFA Program exam at Finguru. The experience with Finguru has been very positive. Sushant Sir not only cleared all the doubts, but his shortcuts and method of teaching the concepts has helped me a lot.
    Sudhanshu Sharma B.A (Hons) Economics

  • I am currently preparing for my Level I CFA Program exam at Finguru. Sushant sir has in depth knowledge of what he is teaching and has very good communication skills. Overall experience with Finguru has been really great and looking forward to see you once again for subsequent Levels of CFA Program coaching
    Rahul Vaswani B.Com (H) Internship with SMC and Globe Capital (Equity Research)

  • Very knowledgeable and highly competitive, intelligent faculty. His way of explaining complicated concept is very good. On the whole it is a very good program and my thanks to Sushant Sir.
    Pramod Suri, MS from IIT Delhi

  • My learning experience has been good. The faculty, Sushant sir, has been really amazing and the material provided was helpful too. Everything was really helpful.
    Mohit Kamra, Economics (H)

  • My experience here at finguru is amazing. Sushant sir literally puts up all his effort in his work, and it clearly shows.
    Vedant Khanna, BA(H) Economics

  • Extremely Patient and cooperative teachers along with an intellectual batch makes the whole experience great
    Arpan Molri (Bachelors in Business Economics)

  • The Finguru institute was beyond my expectations. From typical high level questions to the basic fundamentals, all were covered in detail. Material was good enough with excellent faculty & teaching methodology. I feel confident about my success rate. Choosing Finguru for preparation is definitely the right choice for my Level I CFA Program exam especially for early career enthusiasts
    Bhumi Chaudhary, B.Com (Hons)

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam in my first attempt. The faculty guidance material provided for almost up to the mark during most of the preparations. It was a great experience of learning here.
    Brahmpreet Singh- B.Com(Hons)

  • Everything was perfect the conceptual clarity provided by Sushant sir in each of the topics was amazing. The recorded session videos help alot in revising. The entire methodology is great.
    Manik Bahl (B.com Hons, Working with the guidance of a financial advisor)

  • Everything is nicely managed. Teaching technique is really good. Material provided is very well made & is very useful in preparation. Good support from faculty through WhatsApp. The question module is very useful in preparation for the CFA Program exams. Thank You!
    Ayush Jain, B.Com (Hons)

  • The overall construct of classes has helped me understand the course a lot better. It has helped me build a regular routine to study in a focused manner.The class material is concise and has helped to understand the course quickly and in a much better way. The faculty has been really helpful.
    Nivedan Vohra, B.Com (Hons)

  • The training provided by Sushant sir has tremendously helped me clarify my basic concepts to a significant extent.The examples of the methodologies taken are indeed helpful in perspective of the CFA Program examination. The guidance provided regarding the ways of preparing of exam has been nothing short of brilliant. There are certain modulus particularly fixed income securities and qualitative applications in which understanding has been made simple due to his lectures. I would like to thank Finguru and all faculty involved in making my CFA Program preparation easier.
    Ritika Mitra, BBA (Finance)

  • There was discipline of schedule and teaching methodology. Material provided was great. Personal counseling on preparations which highlighted the exact way of approaching a problem was amazing.
    Abhishek Suman

  • Faculty is outstanding and explain the concept in elaborate way. Ankur sir classes were too interesting.Thank you for enhancing my understanding. SUSHANT SIR ROCKS hope to see you soon for coaching of Level III CFA Program exam.
    Ashish Jain (MBA Finance)

  • Excellent!! This generation is blessed to have course like this & faculty like Sushant. Please keep doing the good work.
    Rahul Jain CA (12 yrexperience)

  • The experience was really good. It met my expectations. All the material, teaching methodology & guidance was of great help.
    Shilpa Gupta MBA (Finance), Economics (Hons) 5.5 yr exp

  • Experience of Finguru was great. The teaching style of faculty was really interesting and the environment provided was conducive. The material provided along with the online portal help a lot with the preparation.
    Shaurya Pokhriyal, B.Com(H)

  • The training particularly offline classes met my expectations. After stepping into the classroom those 4 hours proved fruitful. Material provided guidance and teaching methodology are up to the mark thank you for the wonderful experience!
    Tanya Gupta, BA(H)Economics, 1.5 years of experience)

  • Self Explanatory notes, good classroom coaching
    Surya Phadke (B. E (Hons) Mechanical (Bits Pilani)

  • The faculty are from different fields and they have specialized in them and I think group discussions that happened in the class will help a lot in remembering the content.
    Sunny Jain

  • Both papers morning and evening done well and I found them very easy. You prepared us really well for the Level II CFA Program exam. Just wanted to thank you for all the help. :-)
    Pranav Joneja

  • The classes and additional guidance have been a tremendous help in my preparation have made preparation much easier. Thank you for all the help!
    Nandita Vohra (B.com Hons)

  • My experience was good with Finguru. Finguru met all my expectations related to coaching. Faculty have vast amount of knowledge & impeccable experience of teaching CFA Program curriculam.
    Mudit Arora, B.Com

  • My feedback about finguru is excellent teaching. I have a great experience with Sushant sir in a way that he teaches and easiest manner to all the students and the material is also very helpful to understand the concepts.
    Hitesh Jain, 2-year experience at AMEX

  • Overall experience was really good. The faculty was really efficient & has effective learning process. Study material & class lectures made learning experience really good.
    Shivam Bhutani, Economics(H)

  • I have been here for Level I CFA Program exam coaching, my expectations were met. Faculty is good and the material provided was upto the quality. All the important points were covered. The after class back-up is good. All the queries were sorted out and ample time was given to clear our doubts.
    Sukhdeep Singh (B.com Hons)

  • Sushant Sir is brilliant. His method of teaching and motivation helps to bring the best out of you. The material is nicely summarized and helps a lot in the last few weeks of the exam.
    Karan Khanna, BE (1.5 yrexp)

  • Amazing experience the way the faculty taught the content. He made us go into the depth of the material & that to with such ease.I have never had such an amazing experience of being taught before. Thank you so much
    Ridhi Sharma

  • Material provided is really helpful and the faculty is very nice. They always are there to help clear your doubts. The experience was amazing and really well. Teaching methodology and the faculty have given its best efforts to help solve the problem.
    Shweta Saraf, B.Com

  • Material provided: A good gist of the context. Gives a good idea about the context before beginning the main text and is a brilliant summary for revision. Questions on the website are good for revision along with the content. Faculty: The experience speaks for itself. The overall experience of attending classes has really helped reduce my prep time. Teaching methodology is Efficient, able to learn & retain quite a bit of what is taught
    Agrima Bhutani (B.A Hons Economics)

  • The training was a very positive experience. I got an opportunity to learn so much in a short time. Thankful to Sushant sir for all the guidance.The sincerity, passion and enthusiasm with which the faculty teaches really helps the students to grasp the concepts quickly and logically
    Yashvi Saraf (B.com Hons)

  • Being from a non-commerce background, the lectures were sufficient to provide overall knowledge about finance. In my opinion, videos has played significant role in clearing most of my doubts. Number of questions practiced& curriculum is up to the mark.
    Saksham Mongia, BE

  • Though I did my graduation in Maths (Hons), the material and the training provided made me feel very confident about giving the exam. Specially thank you to Sushant sir for such guidance and support.
    Soumya Behl, BSC MATH (H)

  • The faculty is really nice. Sushant sir is a great teacher. The great part of the finguru app is the offline video capability due to which I can even read while in metro or on the go.
    Yasha Jain, Economics grad with 4+ years of WE

  • I was kind a sceptical about joining this as this is my second attempt for the Level I CFA Program exam. The things you pointed out and asked the students to resort to made me realize what I did wrong during my preparations last time. The concepts that I only read through the schweser was something I had to take as given.You gave it the practical bridging. The derivations, the practical approach behind it made my concepts clearer and the spectrum got broader. I had a great experience with you guys. The material explains it all through the slides and i keep them handy I would absolutely recommend this to a friend and will join Finguru coaching institute for my Level II exam preparation as well
    Anmol Kalra

  • My experience at Finguru had been amazing journey. Sushant sir is an entrenching teacher, never seen anyone in my life with such command of finance world. After attending these classes I am more confident while having conversation related to finance and investment. Thank you sir Hope to see you in training again for subsequent Levels of CFA Program exams.
    Shubham Rastogi B.com (H) and LLB (1st year) CA-IPCC

  • Overall feedback and experience about finguru is really very positive. Material provided is very useful and the question bank on the website is very useful and helps in analysing your score. Overall teaching methodology is relevant.
    Chetan Agarwal (B.com)

  • The overall experience was good with good learning environment and experienced faculty.
    Anmol Bansal B.Com (H)

  • I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam in my first attempt. The teaching method was concise and precise. So, focused on most important things but at the same time clear the basic doubts as well. Overall it was a great experience.
    Ishaan Uniyal, BE(Civil)

  • Thanks A lot Sushant. I could really feel how effective your tips turned out and of course the way you prepared us for the exam. The exam went good. Thanks & Regard Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma

  • Reached here because of recommendation will keep on recommending. Wonderful experience
    Charu Maheshwari

  • The overall feedback is excellent. The faculty, material provided & teaching methodology are very good. The doubts get cleared in a good way. Sushant Sir also motivates to present new techniques for exams which help a lot. I also appreciate time given to us in person. I would like to thank Sir for valuable guidance.
    Neha Gupta, PGDM (Finance & HR)

  • The training was very helpful for me to understand the course curriculum. The methodology and the material were up to the mark. Citing every time with an example is really helpful to understand the topic more efficiently. The notes provided by the finguru were good enough to recall the concepts in short span of time. I would really like to recommend my friends & others to Finguru. I would also like to thank the faculty for their valuable guidance.
    Tanuj Bhutani, MBA(Finance)

  • I am very satisfied with this experience. The faculty, material, guidance, teaching methodology all were much more than my expectation. I am glad that i choose FINGURU
    Asif Mohd

  • The overall experience with finguru was great. The teaching methodology and material provided by Finguru was pretty much summarized and easy to understand. All the subjects were taken care of. Overall, I can say that I have good understanding of Level I CFA Program curriculum and hopefully will clear the exam in June.
    Pranav Kapoor- CA, B. Com(H)

  • Conceptual clarity, active class participation, questions given as homework and great motivational lectures was really helpful. The material was awesome.
    Padma Shankar (B.Com)

  • Finguru does consists of financial training experts. The teaching methodology is impeccable. Faculty is helpful too. The material provided is well compiled. Best part of learning in Finguru is the pragmatic approach. Finguru has helped me realize my field of interest and helped me develop and explore the skills within me. I will certainly come back to Finguru for subsequent Levels of CFA Program
    Shantanu Mittal (Economics Hons, Stephens College)

  • Training was pretty good overall. Faculty is excellent. I have learnt a lot by joining here at finguru. I am definitely gonna recommend this. Thanks
    Vikas Bhatnagar

  • The classes have been very helpful. The notes provided a consistent and give appropriate summary of the content. The online videos are a boon. The faculty is very good and explain the concepts in a simple way so that it is easy to relate and recall later. Also, Sushant sir motivates at times. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience with the classes. The highly professional manner and you get your Money's worth.
    Ishan Sehgal, B. Com(Hons)

  • Classes are interactive and online videos help to cover any gaps during classes. The five-minute recap session after classes help to build sequential remembering.
    Mayank Gupta- BE(CS)

  • The coaching kept me focused, alert, and most important regular. Obviously, also helped me to clear many concepts. The faculty is brilliant. The material provided will definitely help me to have a quick revision on time
    Divya Garg

  • Thank you Sushant, I have passed my Level III of the CFA Program exam in June 2014. In 1.5 years I have been able to clear all the Three Levels in first attempt. This is all due to your focused teaching. Thanks for your support & guidance
    Deepak Gupta, CFA (Chief Operating Officer Saxo India Private Limited)

  • Deeply from within the bottom of my heart want to thank you for guiding me throughout from Level I to Level III exams of CFA Program and am so close to achieving my dream. All thanks to you.
    Raisa Adhikari, 2014 Batch

  • I have got the result for my Level III CFA Program exam and I have passed the same. Just wanted to thank you for all your guidance and support. The material and discussion provided in the class was very helpful to conquer the different format of exam. It was an exciting journey with you and hope to have an unending professional journey.
    Ankur Singla, June 2014 Batch

  • I have passed Level II of the CFA Program exam. Thank you so much for all the support and motivation.
    Manish Mishra - June 2014 Batch

  • I have passed Level II of the CFA Program exam and obviously I am very happy. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best teacher I have come across
    Raisa Adhikari

  • Thanking you for your support & help needed for passing Level II exam of CFA Program. It would not have been possible without you.
    Gourav Parekh - June 2014 Batch

  • I am glad to inform you that I have passed Level II exam of CFA Program , thanks to your efforts and support. Thanks a lot.
    Naveen Singla - June 2014 Batch

  • I have passed Level II of the CFA Program exam. Thanks for all your guidance and systematic coaching that was really a big factor to get to this in 1st attempt.
    Chandan Khanna - June 2014 Batch

  • I'm pleased to inform your good self that with your esteemed guidance and motivation, I have passed my Level II exam of CFA Program, for which I'm very much thankful to you.
    Sumit Aggarwal - June 2014 Batch

  • The way the topics were explained was really good. I loved the experience of taking guidance from such great teachers. Sushant Sir is an excellent teacher, makes boring subjects interesting very easily. Personal support is great too. He understands the problems of the students and is down to earth. He made the teaching process worth appreciating
    Guneet Suri, (Student, Economics Honours)

  • The faculty was excellent in making things understandable. Very friendly and extremely approachable.
    Akanksha Singhal (MBA Finance)

  • Topics were made really interesting, especially Ethics & Fixed Income. Quiz sessions in the classes were encouraging and interactive. It was quite satisfactory experience to take these classes. The material provided during the coaching was brief enough but at the same time was self explanatory. The faculty was friendly, encouraging and motivating. They were always keen in taking up the problems and providing solutions
    Parul Arora (Pursuing MBA Finance)

  • The notes that were provided are extremely helpful in the preparation. As the faculty members were good, it became very easy to understand after having attended the classes. The idea of having slide shows helped a lot
    Prerna Terway (B.Com Hons)

  • The training was precise and to the point, which helped in preparation for the exam and saved a lot of time. All the faculties were great and had a good understanding of the concepts they were teaching
    Uday Dasgupta (Engineering - Computer Science)

  • The teaching staff was knowledgeable and had good communication skills. They were also very helpful in clearing any doubts. I will recommend FinGuru to all for coaching
    Siddharth Updahyay (Engineer IT)

  • Handouts are really helpful. Faculty is mature and personal attention to queries is great. Teaching methodology is overall good. Faculty is the key feature of the Finguru institute.
    Avi Sehrawat (International Trade & Business Law)

  • Faculty - Great, Material - Above Average & Teaching Methodology - Excellent
    Ajit Bhargava (Graduate)

  • I really liked the focus on the exam material and the way the classes are conducted. I think the faculty do a great job in providing the material and trying his best to finish the course in a timely and orderly manner. They are really accessible whenever needed and keeps the motivation up and running
    Akash Khattar (BS - Finance)

  • Well structured slides, teachers have done enough research into the topics, very patient with doubts, and comfortable timings
    Naman Madan (B.E Eng + 2.5 Yrs at EVS)

  • Slides are very helpful and concise. Sushant is one of the finest teachers I have come across. He is very professional, helpful & extremely knowledgeable. The rest of the faculty are also very competent and helpful
    Natasha (Statistics)

  • Faculty is very good, teaching methodology is excellent. Online support is great
    Kapil Murdia

  • Well structured course, excellent faculty
    Pranav (BSc Management)

  • The overall experience was good. Precise course content covered in the coaching, give a better insight for framing the outlook for covering the whole vast course in an efficient manner. All faculty did a great job in covering the topics
    Nipun Kohli (2nd Officer Merchant Navy, BBA)

  • Overall it was a good coaching. Specially classes taken by Sushant & Ankur were great
    Mohan Joshi (B.Com, MBA, Work ex around 15 years)

  • Well structured notes will help a lot in revision. The overall experience was very good. The faculty was exceptionally well versed with the topics. Great Material & slides. Guidance on the approach to the exam is of most important according to me
    Sopan Jindal (B.A Hons Economics)

  • Within a span of 21 sessions the entire course was covered and that too with clear understanding of it. Overall the coaching will help a lot and will be an integral reason of my success. The overall course was divided very well with sufficient time on each subject. I never thought Ethics will be so easy until I attended the class
    Deepika Padhi

  • The zeal, enthusiasm, spirit, motivation of the teachers actually motivated me to the extent that even I would like to give my best shot. Concept clarity was the most positive part
    Swati Bhatt (BBE + MA Eco + 3 yrs of experience in Research & Legal)

  • Individual attention was great. Material is brief and to the point. Really helpful
    Loveneet Kaur (B.Com)

  • The best aspect of the coaching is that the teacher makes it a point to make everyone understand in the class which leads to a good discussion and makes understanding complex topics easier. Explanation of topics was well supported with real life practice problems. The coaching helped me prioritize my time needed to invest towards each topic and figure out my weak areas. Faculty is great, well versed with the course content, good comprehensive notes, focused topical approach
    Saurabh Kadyan (MSc Financial Economics)

  • Faculty is good, had good knowledge about topics. Topics were taught in a very structured way, and in a way which made the learning easy. Material provided were crisp and definitely helps a lot in preparation. Also the theory taught has been supported by practical examples wherever relevant which makes it really easy to understand and quickly grasp
    Manik Chawla (MSC Economics)

  • Faculty, teaching method and the notes provided are the best things I liked about the coaching. It was a good learning experience. Teachers were knowledgeable and had the right attitude to teach and solve students doubts
    Abhijeet Sidhartha

  • There was comprehensive coverage of the course. Best part is they have fair and honest opinion regarding whatever you ask about the CFA Program curriculum. Overall experience has been great. Faculty very supportive and has good knowledge and understanding. Teaching method is absolutely great - keep it up
    Ankit Sareen (Research Associate, Capital IQ, PG-IB, B.Com)

  • The overall experience has been good and a learning one. The way the course has been segregated helps in preparing for the exam in a planned manner
    Jyotika Nayyar (BBE + PGDIM (Delhi University) + 1.8 years of exp in research)

  • Well structured slides. Classes helped me a lot because I don't have the time to study the text books. Concept clarity is good.
    Vaibhav Jain (B.Com)

  • The experience was pretty good, faculty was great, material helps us of course. Guidance was very very good.
    Ashish Babbar (B.Com & BCA)

  • We were able to have personal contact with the faculty plus the handouts in the lectures, I believe would be of great help in the last days of preparation. Everything is great. The faculty is very cooperative and helpful. The way each topic is taken in the class easily lets you go through the CFA Program curriculum and makes self study pretty smooth.
    Shreya Saluja (B.Com Hons)

  • The teaching methodology of the faculty was very good and focused. The coaching provided is a good platform to build up on and clear the exam. The faculty has been excellent. The material provided is in a good consolidated format which highlights the important concepts and the point have been very well explained with the help of examples and illustrations. The faculty has deep knowledge about the topics and is always ready to provide guidance on any of the topics. The teaching methodology adopted is excellent and helps to understand the points better. Coaching provided was excellent.
    Naval Gupta (MBA, B.Tech)

  • Every topic was covered in a very structured way. The use of BAII Plus simulator was very helpful to get hang of the out of world looking calculator. Faculty is great. Notes are also good.
    Anand B Upadhyay

  • The coaching was highly relevant even for someone like me with no formal business or finance education. Faculty is very acceesible. I was overall very happy that I never felt out of place in FinGuru class, inspite of the fact that I had no prior education in Finance. The concepts were very well explained using real life examples. The material provided is good for quick revision of concepts. The faculty is very helpful and give attention to all queries in the classroom.
    Shaman Singh (Software Engineer)

  • The clarity with which we were taught was great. Overall it was an awesome experience
    Nitin Malhotra (B.Com Hons, MBA - Fin + Mktg)

  • Sushant's way of talking, resilience and his ability to cope up with questions put up in the class was the best
    Kunal Syal (Business)

  • I could clear the concepts well inspite of being from non-finance background. The classes were interesting enough due to which it was not a pain to sit for 4 hours at a stretch with a small break.
    Anshu Goel (B.Tech +2.5 yrs with L&T)

  • My overall experience at FinGuru has been a pleasant one. Since I was from a different background, I was a bit apprehensive about attending a coaching where a lot of other students would be from the finance sector. But the faculty, made me feel very comfortable and helped me form a good foundation for the concepts in all the topics. All the faculty boosted my confidence and guided me at every step. The Level I CFA Program curriculum is quite vast and the notes provided by the Finguru helps us to pick out the important and relevant portions from the text, which has been very beneficial. I must appreciate the way in which lectures were devoid of monotony as the faculty is always aware of attentiveness of the students in the class
    Kushal Varma (Medicine)

  • It was a wonderful experience for me as I didn't have any finance background but the efforts of the faculty gave me enough confidence and knowledge to pass my exam
    Manvendra Pandey (Engineering)

  • Self Explanatory notes, good classroom coaching" Surya Phadke (B. E (Hons) Mechanical (Bits Pilani)) "Huge effort has been put in to design the course structure and conveying it clearly in the lectures. Material content is very precise, to the point and very relevant.
    Rajat Anandani

  • The live examples given in class along with the group discussions were probably the best thing in the class. It helped me to understand the topics and remember them. I think the material captured the major and important topics from the syllabus" Shweta Aggarwal "Explanation in detail is very helpful. A lot of pain was taken by the faculty to explain concepts and doubts in the class. The faculty was well versed with each topic and helped in preparing a learning methodology by their materials provided. A lot of thought process behind the Notes provided. Overall an excellent experience
    Rahul Purohit

  • Excellent teaching skills. Material is too good, through which we can revise the concepts very quickly. Help provided is excellent" Gagan Agrawal (B.Tech) Great question bank, faculty is approachable, and coaching structure is very helpful
    Anshul Kapasi

  • The way classes are conducted gives great insights into the curriculum. It helps in getting confident about the CFA Program exam. The online videos of the classes are of great help, regular E-mails from Sushant keeps one focused always
    Rohan Sharma (Finance B.com, MBA)

  • Finguru classes have been really beneficial in my preparation of Level II CFA Program exam as well as better understanding of the concepts. The classes are a good reconciliation of the core books, covering the topic in short time. Sushant' s teaching methodology is very patient and he lays greater emphasis in explaining practical relevance of subject matter
    Sameer Jain (B.tech IT consultancy)

  • Faculty is available 24X7 and answers on our silliest question one can imagine. I guess its not an easy stuff so coaching is required to have 100% support. Lucky to enroll and worth it
    Rashmi Wattal (MBA Finance, working in a Power Gen Co)

  • Step by Step guidance interesting and high energy classes, Sushant sir has been able to provide a thorough understanding of not only the study material but also the general idea of the profession we stepping into. After the classes I feel more equipped in not just appearing for the examination out in general Knowledge of the Finance industry. Thanking you sir for your efforts and time
    Vishesh Nath Bali (BE- Mechanical Engineering)

  • The recorded Video classes make Finguru different from the masses. It provides a great support at home and remembering the concepts in a more accurate way. The overall experience of being a student at Finguru was quite good and satisfying. The knowledge was imparted in a simple manner with practical examples. All the doubts/ Question were entertained and answered properly. Faculty is Pretty good, Specially Sushant(backbone of Finguru). The Study notes refer to the points in a simpler way and to the point. Website too is quite supportive in terms of videos and questions.
    Sanchit Thapar (BBA graduate, working with Airtel as a financial Analyst)

  • The overall experience has been a really good one, unlike what we have experienced it the past at school or college. The Lectures were given in a very understandable format which is easy to retain over a long period of time. The material Provided is very crisp and helps in revision of the main points in the curriculum in a very short period of time
    Nikita ajwani (Graduate B.com Hons ,2.5 years experienced as Audit Assistant with Deloitte)

  • The Faculty was really good. The concepts were explained extremely well and patiently in the class. The proactive approach of the faculty (answers in mails, videos, doubts etc), was commendable. The guidance, the teaching methodology was perfect. Also, the attitude and behavior displayed by Sushant sir makes the students very comfortable for clearing even the stupidest doubts. I would also like to add that the idea of uploading videos of classes is amazing and had been very very helpful
    Sunaina kain (Investment Analyst)

  • Sushant sir teaches very well. His comprehensive lecture sessions when combined with online videos for revision, provide a good understanding of the topic. Slides are good as they summarize all the important points
    GarimaPuri (Research Analyst- KPMG)

  • Syllabus was completed on time as scheduled. The experience was quite good as the classes were held in interactive manner. The material provided was summarized and it enables to get an overview of every subject. We were guided as to how to attempt the questions logically and where to practice questions from. The best part was that I got to meet people from different background.
    Simranjeet kaur(B.comHons 3year)

  • My overall experience is good. I can login to Finguru website and access all the study session again for quick recap and can go through various relevant questions provided.
    Geetanjali Kapoor (Analyst, Amex)

  • Sir is very experienced and made the learning very holistic and gave me the bigger picture of the subject. The overall experience was great and got to learn much more than the subject.
    Karan Garg (Engineering)

  • Overall it was a good experience. At first I thought it will take around six to seven months but with the help of material provided which is to the point and helps in preparing for Level I of the CFA Program exam in a more structured and timely manner. I am able to complete the course within 4 months and as far as faculties are concerned they are really good
    Kritarth Srivastava (MBA Finance)

  • Overall experience was good. Experienced faculty and stressed on conceptual clarity. Sessions were properly organized in a systematic manner. In short, classes were fruitful and worth to attend.
    Dilpreet Singh (C.A)

  • It was an amazing helping hand and I have given the exam once so I knew how much of a difference this made to my preparations. The slides videos all are very helpful. I mostly like the small advices given by the instructor in the end how to go about studying and preparing the subject. The in depth explanation and the format of slides according to the books helps to relate to the lecture while reading from books.
    Himani jain (BBS from CBS, 2 years in American express)

  • My experienced with Finguru has been great. I loved the way how the content was taught through the slides.The material that is given as sufficient for most topics.It is to the point and summarized without learning out any content in the CFA Program curriculum apart from that the videos on the site have also been extremely helpful. The faculty is great.
    Amit Badesra (B.A Honrs Economics as an Actuarial Analyst)

  • Superb and easy to Understand Material no cramming the thinks and I understood conceptually by making stories, practical examples and scenarios
    Jatinder Singh (MCA)

  • The best part of Finguru is Sushant Sir. The way he teaches, the examples he gives makes the learning and understanding of concepts easy. The overall experienced with the institute was good infect excellent
    Mayank Bansal (Graduate , Business Economics Honrs DU)

  • Overall it was superb be it teaching methodology and course material
    Harshit Khanna (MBA, I year)

  • The teaching methodology helping to develop crystal clear concepts and availability of lecture videos helping to develop a routine based learning experience. Finguru has helped me know the basic nuances of finance which now make me a well informed financial Professional. The classroom example based learning created an environment of conducive learning and pushed me to track the markets and learn from my mistakes. Also the faculty is very professional and teaches with utmost passion towards their duty and in always ready to overcome any doubts of the students.
    Karan kakkar (B.A Economics Hons, DU)

  • Sushant suri sir, I meant the way sir teach is just awesome
    Samir Karwa (Commerce)

  • It covers all areas related to the subject in a manner that is understandable to even non-commerce background students. My experience with Finguru is wonderful. Sushant sir provides coaching in a scheduled manner. He makes us understand by the real example and he makes us clear about the basic concepts in a manner such that we can develop our understanding about the subject very well and in a practical manner. Material provided is good and covers all topics
    AnupamaTripati (M.B.A)

  • Faculties are really good and encouraging. I like the Material provided which are very crisp and explanatory
    Shivangianand (Financial analyst, Blackrock MBA, B.tech)

  • Sushant sirs energy in the class and concern about the understanding of the concepts taught in the class
    Manas Jolly (Manas jolly)

  • Immense knowledge possessed by the trainers here, Unlike any others regulars coaching center. Holistic view of the content given through examples outside the exam scope
    Raghav Kapoor (B.com Hons)

  • Finguru has one of the best faculty for CFA Program exam preparation. Material provided was concise and to the point and will be very helpful for revision times. Faculty is always available for doubt clearing and always boost the morale that passing the exam is very much possible.
    Sambhav Kochar (Financial Analyst)

  • The concepts are cleared well in the classes and faculty is always available for doubts,which is great. The concept of video classes has made it convenient to revise concepts and the slides are a great source of quick comprehensive revision. Since Practical examples are taken into account which the concepts are taught in class, it gets easier to relate to theory. Base line: Thumps up for the faculty and classes
    Bhanupreet Aneja (Graduate B.com Hons, working as equity research analyst ICFR)

  • From material to Sushant, Everything is perfect no changes required
    Ankur Kumar Employed as a Trainer, B.com

  • I would definite recommended my friends who are preparing for CFA Program exam all Levels to join Finguru. The faculty Mr Sushant has been a very effective and motivating teacher. Look forward to clear Level I and join for Level II coaching cheers
    Anupama Gandhi

  • All my concepts got cleared. Sushant sirs explanation is the best think about coaching. My experience is Sushant sirs teaching techniques and his explanation and guidance has been really helpful
    Radhika Rajan (B.A Economics and Maths final year)

  • The coaching material was perfect and Sushant sir has great knowledge of the material. The overall experience has been pretty good. Material provided and the teaching methodology has been perfect
    Kanav munjal (B.COM Graduate, Aduit associate KPMG)

  • The environment faculty and material provided by the Finguru was good. Overall experience with the Finguru was awesome. The faculty was good for the material provided by the Finguru was great and at last I what to say that I am satisfied with Finguru.
    Shivam Khandelwal (Commerce)

  • The faculty here focuses on concept clarity, which is the best part about the coaching. No learning of the material only logic!! I had a wonderful experience with the coaching. Faculty, material provided, guidance everything is superb many of the concepts are clear going back. After the coaching I can easily solve the questions without even going through the course book again. The notes provided is a summarized version of the CFA Program curriculum and helps a lot in revision
    Mishma Bhatia (B.comHons SRCC)

  • The sessions were planned and scheduled really well. Material is a good source for a revision. The teaching methodology is very comprehensive and includes a lot of examples. The encouragement and motivation factor provided by the teacher really helps us
    Ritika Kamboj (C.S Finance in Amtek Auto Ltd)

  • The experience has been amazing and a lot better than before because of the videos added. This has helped a lot in clearing doubts, revision. The material is great again CRISP it is. The teaching methodology is effective since all the concepts are explained clearly. The help from the faculty deserves a salute since our doubts are cleared on every possible media. This requires huge effort and I totally appreciate it. I am sure I will be here soon for my classes for Level III CFA Program exam. Thanks Sushant and Ankur.
    Rishika Singhal (MBA, B.SC Comp Science)

  • Sushant is one of the best trainers I have come across. Always looking forward to attend his lectures because he has so much to deliver, Breath and depth and there is so much to be learnt. Material provided is precise and concise, very useful when one has completed the course before the exam
    Raaghav Bhatia (Commerce)

  • The Learning experience at Finguru has been very good all major subjects were taught very well, and the coaching material is of great help
    Arushi Awasthi (Commerce)

  • To the point, Sushant makes an effort to make things understand. Faculty is extremely good, alongwith the material it is easy to understand make the difficult topic in simple word and with proper logic. Always available on phone
    Komal Bihani (M.B.A Advance Analyst at FY)

  • I really felt very good. Taking classes from Finguru really helped to better perform in my current role, special thanks to Sushant, great knowledge content. I think Finguru is best coaching center for CFA Program exam classes candidates. It really boosts the morale. Thanks
    Rakshit Aggarwal, CFA, ICFA I, MBA finance

  • This is my second connect with Finguru. The way content is covered via classes, study material is very elaborative The faculty is approachable anytime, helps connect easily. The additional feature that is now available on the websitei.e. the videos, is effective in terms of revising concepts overall, I will recommend the finguru to other people for CFA Program exam prep.
    Gurmeet Kaur.

  • FinGuru is already the most desirable for CFA Program coaching in Delhi & NCR and it is up to its name. The experience has been enriching for the following reasons:1. All the topics have been covered in detail.2. Brevity of the notes.3. Use of examples and analogies helped in better understanding of the concepts.Definitely looking forward to take classes for subsequent Levels of CFA Program
    Sachin Verma (B.com Hons, PWC - Risk assurance services)

  • My experience at FinGuru was quite good as the classes enabled great learning and enhanced my knowledge base. Teaching is done in a way that concepts are explained from the ground Level and then the difficulty Level goes up step by step. 1-on-1 guidance helps clear doubts in the best way possible. Material provided is sufficient to the extent that even if we miss a class, we have a backup for the same on the website which helps immensely. Hence I am quite satisfied with the classes and the faculty
    Monika Makhija (B.com Hons, Worked at Evalueserve.com Pvt Ltd.)

  • Faculty and teaching methodology is amazing, I had fun learning. Even without having any prior knowledge of finance, I never felt out of the class. Teachers were supportive. It was an amazing experience.
    Rishabh Mangla (B.tech, experience of one year in Retail Sector.)

  • The overall training here had been a good experience. The things discussed in the class were not only informative but interesting too and the online classes have been a savior. The Batch size was perfect and optimum. I would surely recommend FinGuru to all others who want financial training and I would love to be back here in my next Level hopefully.
    Aman Garg ( Bachelor of management studies in last year.)

  • Choosing FinGuru for my Level I CFA Program exam coaching was perfect decision. It was a great experience. Material provided is just so perfect to start up with any topic. The faculty gives apt guidance regarding the topic. Asking queries is never a trouble. Online video are biggest help during preparations and I really appreciate it
    Vrinda Sareen (B.com, graduate)

  • The faculty at FinGuru is exceptional. All the doubts regarding the subjects of were instantly catered to. After attending classes at FinGuru, I am informed and capable in dealing with all subjects of the program. The faculty is very patient when it comes to the classes and doubts
    Arpan Molri (Graduate in Business Economics)

  • My Experience with the lectures was pretty good. Faculty is knowledgeable which makes the interaction and study sessions quite interesting. Material provided is best for last time revision or preparation. Overall I will give thumbs up to the FinGuru team and I wish to clear the exam course of their study sessions
    Nitish Mishra (B.com Hons)

  • Personal guidance by sir along with the notes, class videos and relatable examples and everything at FinGuru made it a knowledgeable experience. I would recommend it to all as when compared to the other Coaching institutes, it is the best in every aspect. Not only the faculty but also the environment of classes is good. Videos available on the website are really helpful and can watch it over and over again as well as queries at the same time, made it a perfect package
    Jayshree Masand (B.com Hons)

  • Right from the beginning at the time of seminar itself I decided to join to FinGuru from my preparation of Level I CFA program exam. The teaching style is best guidance in the way concepts gets clarified in the class, it is simply great. You provide us with a great platform to build great knowledge and give us the right direction. This is definitely the place I will recommend to everyone.
    Suresh Chawla (BBA in banking and insurance, worked with BSE and Fiderity)

  • The experience of joining FinGuru classes was extremely special, as the faculty guided you thoroughly how to go about completing your course. The material provided is very crisp to my point, as this has been helping very well with CFA Program curriculum. The guidance being provided is very good as the faculty explains the dons and dons from time to time. The Faculty has been fully supportive throughout the course and expect the support to continue in the future as well
    Tanay Mohan (Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis, 1 year experience as Research Analyst)

  • Experience at FinGuru was far better than I expected. We were taught all topics from the basic so that even a person with no or little knowledge can perform. The interaction of the faculty with the students was top class. The Materials-from the FinGuru book to the online questions more than prepares you for the exam. Truly an experience worth having. I would recommend my friends for it and myself will be back for the training for Level II CFA Program exam.
    Nipun Nagarath(B.com Hons,Working with Religare Securities)

  • I have heard this institute from my cousin. He told me that the FinGuru is the only institute where you can gain a lot of knowledge about finance and achieve your goals. So I joined and I feel exactly the same now way. FinGuru has the top most faculty and is awesome. They encouraged me and guided where to start. Sushant cleared all my doubts. So i think i have to pass for Sushant sir
    Moon Tyagi (B.com Final year)

  • The experience has been good. The teaching was beyond the test book material which is required for better understanding. The faculty was very cooperative and understanding towards teaching aspect. Apart from studying we were made to understand the real concept with their first hand experience. The study material provided is relevant and understandable not only structured to notes but have online classes as well which helps to revise the topics. The overall experience has been great
    Pranjali Sharma (BBA &MBA Finance, 1 year experience with IBM)

  • The material provided was good and videos on the website help a lot to review any topic. Each concept was explained properly. After class support is very good, be it queries on whatsapp or extra time before class
    Sukhdeep Singh (B.com Hons, Working at Sunlife)

  • Overall experience at FinGuru was very good. Faculty was very helpful. Course material given was helpful in solving CFA Program curriculum questions
    NitinTayal, B.E

  • Sushant sir you are gem of a person whom I have met and you are always there for the students to solve their problems and even on issues outside the course. You have been encouraging everyone and boost our moral to keep working hard. The teaching methodology was great in helping us understand the topics well. Your out of the class approach of talking doubts at your office is also a great boost for students. Sir thank you for always being there with students
    Deepak Bhatia (B.com, CA inter, 2years experience in Accounts & Audit)

  • The overall experience has been extremely good. The classes have been really helpful in explaining the concepts in a clear and concise manner. Everything has been par excellence. Both faculties have been extremely good in their teaching methodology. No complaints
    Manik Bahl (B.com Hons, Working with the guidance of a financial advisor)

  • FinGuru has been very helpful and supporting throughout the classroom training schedule. The way subjects are taught encompassing even the minute details of every topic, with relating them with practical examples proved very legible and easily understandable even for a student of Non-finance background like me. Faculty has profound knowledge of each and every topic and the way they teach is highly captivating. It always keep your attention maintained throughout the material too is also very much briefed, they have already made footnotes for you, fully satisfied
    Vikrant Mansera (Electonic & Comm Engineer)

  • The way of teaching is commendable as we don't lose our attention at all during the class. The study material is simple and covers all relevant and important points, which is of great help. My experience had been very good as the way of teaching beyond expectation and helped a great way to understand complicated things
    Isha Mahajan (B.com Hons, working with KPMG)

  • I am very satisfied with the faculty and the way of teaching and all the notes and everything. The doubts cleared on whastsapp etc. The tips you provide us with like what to do on the exam day and about different websites and in what way we can have a good study plan. You not only taught us what to study but you also taught me how to study, and that is the most important part in CFA Program as the content is too much. I would always recommend FINGURU to all my friends and family and as its name says FINGURU (Financial Training Expert)
    Akash Khatter (B.com Prog)

  • The overall experience was good, the explanations were simple and to the point and covered with easy example for easy learning
    Yuvraj Maheshwari ( MBA 1.5 years of experience )

  • Faculty is proficient in their knowledge and understanding. Material provided includes all important topics which is great
    Akansha Tiwari( MBA Finance, B.com (H).)

  • Experience was good, faculty taught very well, material is helpful, the guidance was very nice and teaching methology is excellent
    RabiaJoneja ( MBA Finance)

  • I think the teaching ambience is Perfect. Individual attention was awesome, does not feel as a group training
    Prabh Singh (B.TechChemical )

  • Overall experience is very good. Teaching Methodology and support was above my expectations. Very supportive in resolving the queries at any point of time. Materials are very nice as explained in a very easy and understandable languages .Easy to connect with the video lectures
    T. Shankar Rao( MBA Finance 7 yrs of Experience)

  • Overall a good experience, faculty as well as the material provided are great all doubts were answered properly and taken care as soon as possible. Teaching methodology is quite great as they try to capture all the aspects so that students understand efficiently
    Abhishek Gupta (Actuarial Science, B.com Hons)

  • Interactive classes, properly structured covers material effectively. The experience has been really good! The method of teaching exercised and how the overall structure has been executed is amazing
    Vibhuti Dhawan( B.comHons + S & P capital IQ Currently working)

  • Sushant sir helped me in understanding the Fundamentals of Level I CFA Program exam. His practical (industry) knowledge helped in creating an interactive environment
    Harsh Vardhan Singh (B.Tech-IT)

  • Teaching was very good, it was better than the expectations and has helped me get a better understanding of the concepts. Material is also very good & concise
    Shreya Bhati (BBS)

  • “The faculty at Finguru is highly experienced and the teaching methodology adopted is really nice and adaptive. The material provided and the guidance by the faculty helped me build deeper understanding of the topics. The study environment is really nice and the methodology adopted by the faculty helps in better understanding of the subject”
    Utkarsh Jain (B.com HonsFrom Delhi University)

  • My overall experience was good enough to recommend Finguru classes for anyone who needs training in finance
    (Abhinav Gupta B.com Hons)

  • The overall experience was very good. I am really satisfied as all the commitments made have been fulfilled. Faculty is really very co-operative has complete knowledge of the course as well the practical world. Teaching style is also very well structured and makes use of the technology available. Material provided is quite crisp and covers all the topics from the E-book, Which helps one to revise entire course.Our online portal provides enough resources for preparation. So my overall experience with coaching was really satisfying
    Madhulika Singh

  • It was all a great experience. Faculty was extraordinary
    Prateek Dudeja(BBA)

  • Effective method of teaching with relevant study material provided. The experience here has been really great, excellent teaching faculty, always ready to help in all ways possible. Interactive teaching sessions with up to date and present day examples made understanding of the concepts easier. I really liked the method of teaching
    Soumya Singh (B.com Hons)

  • It was a good experience to be a part of the Finguru training. The expectations were fulfilled with the course, teaching methodology. The faculty enriched us with immense knowledge, everything taught will be a lifetime learning.They made the CFA Program curriculum so easy, that it has become fun for us to grasp everything in a lighter way. The stress for Level I exam of the CFA Program was really big but all the credit goes to Sushant Sir that he kept us with the pace and modified everything at out suitability. A Big thanks to the Finguru experts that they built a trust and helped us entirely from the scratch Thank u sir. Honour and pleasure to be a part of the training
    Kriti Behl(BA Hons Economics)

  • Overall the full course was well laid out and helped me a lot in clearing my concepts. The notes given are really amazing which covers most of the topics in the CFA Program curriculum. The faculty was very helpful in clearing doubts (in the class and also on WhatsApp/email). All in all these classes were definitely worth it.
    Aditya Goela, B Com (H)

  • Thank you for the assistance provided by you. It was extremely helpful. The slides content came quite handy while I was preparing for program. The exam went alright. Keeping my fingers crossed for the result.
    Sahil Khullar

  • The faculty has been very helpful in cleaning doubts no matter how many times you ask them with a jolly nature. The concept that they taught and the way it was taught was both fun and educative. The material is very helpful and covers all the main point of the topic required for revising a concept. The online videos and mock test are also very helpful.
    Niyati Bhatnagar (B.com Hons)

  • It was a really good experience. Sushant sir is really good at teaching and coming from a science background I think it was the best decision to join Finguru. The online videos and practice questions really help.
    Rishabh Kumar

  • My experience here was very valuable. I was able to get a strong grip on the concepts. The faculty was really experienced and was able to break down the concepts in a manner that everyone could understand. The video lectures provided were really helpful and helped me increase the speed of my reading. The question database on the website has got a lot of questions which help you evaluate where you stand
    Keshav Bhatia

  • I had a good experience studying under Sushant sir. His way of teaching and methodology made understanding of difficult topics very easy. He gave lot of examples that helped us relate to and make my concepts strong.
    Ankita Malhotra

  • I really liked the entire session. The speed was very well maintained. Although the content is very vast, the faculty made sure everything was going as per planned. Also sir told us about how to handle the difficult sessions of the paper. Also video lectures really helped for the revisions. So overall it was a great experience
    Nakul Jain

  • The kind of knowledge and experience gained here is above satisfaction. Thanks for the great motivation by both the facilities throughout. Sitting 4 hours was a big task for me but seriously never felt how the 4 hours passed away. Material was good. Method of teaching is great. Keep up the hard work
    Vineet Lohariwal

  • The faculty provided valuable inputs and the learning was enhanced by the use of real life relatable examples. The material provided is a good source of brushing up the important chunk of the CFA Program curriculum before reading through Schweser or core books.
    Rajat Kalra (BFIA, DU)

  • I liked the way both Sushant and Ankur sir went about the explanatory of the concepts in the class. The material provided was brief but very well explained. I really enjoyed my learning time here and look forward to passing Level II exam of the CFA Program and coming back to Finguru for subsequent Levels of CFA Program
    Dhruv Hingorani (BFIA)

  • My experience at Finguru was upto my expectations. The teaching methodology is very much appropriate and the kind of help we get from teachers is worth appreciated. Material provided was more than sufficient for the exam preparation. Overall a very good experience.
    Isha Malhotra (B.com Hons)

  • I am quite happy that i joined Finguru for my training for Level I of the CFA Program. Teaching in class is crisp and explanatory, with plenty of real life examples that help you relate to the subject. I am grateful to Sushant sir and Ankur sir for making the classes lively interesting and informative. Hope to be there again for training for Level II CFA Program exam.
    Soumya Gupta (B.sc Microbiology)

  • To start with the best part of Finguru classes is its discipline. Timely start of classes as per schedule helps us to maintain a pace with our preparations. Quality of lectures is extremely good. Doubts are very well cleared. Use of excel helps us in proper visualization. Notes are very well prepared and are very helpful.
    Sumit Soni (B.tech Graduate)

  • It was such a good decision of joining Finguru. The faculty and teaching methodology is so good and relatable. Perfectly contended and apt material provided. The way they teach and explain things is beyond explanation. Sushant sir is so good in clearing doubts and explaining concepts. Thanks for your guidance and assistance sir!
    Prabhleen Kaur Narang (Economics Hons)

  • Experience has been good and satisfying. Material provided is enough. Teaching methods are good with a lot of positive energy even early in the morning
    Gurvandana Aneja (B.com Hons)

  • Experience with Finguru was really good. Faculty is really supportive. The way they deliver the lectures are really awesome. I really liked the facility of videos which are uploaded online it helps a lot. Sushant sir I would like to thank you for your constant support.
    Ankit Aggarwal (Working in RBS)

  • It was very nice, professional, comfortable experience. Both the tutors knowledge base & methodology is very professional. I do appreciate the doubts taken as well. The slides prepared as well is a very commendable job. I thank both the teachers for such a guidance, at times motivated as well. I hope to see you at coaching for Level II CFA Program exam the very next year.
    Vrinda Pal (B.com Hons)

  • The teaching methodology and explanations to each have been covered thoroughly which help me understand complicated topics very easily. Tips provided for examination prospect are really helpful in lacking questions while solving practice questions. Some shortcut methods to solve questions and detect answers to remember concepts are very helpful. I think overall from material to questions and from doubt solving help to support from faculties to all training sessions were brilliantly covered to make success out of it. Thanks for support and guidance
    Caroleen Gomez

  • I had believed that it would be impossible to find a dedicated professor who is passionate about his subject but Finguru help me come over with this belief. Its amazing to be taught with such passion for the subject that the subject fails to not develop an interest and one wants to pro-actively seek more and more understanding of it. For teaching us with so much zeal and for being our inspiration. I am glad, i could be a student at finguru
    Namisha Kathpalia (B.com Hons)

  • My overall experience was good and both the faculty were awesome in terms of making the course easily understood to the students, while pursuing the course all the queries were solved and no issues met in terms of discussion with the faculty. I will recommend everyone to do the CFA Program preparation from FInguru.
    Shashank Srivastava (MBA Finance)

  • It was a learning experience. The faculty is amazing with the topics. It is more than what the course comprises off.The material is wisely composed and covers almost everything. The online platform is very helpful.
    Gopal Mundhra

  • Overall the experience has been great. Really appreciate the way you have been supporting us. Many thanks for everything.
    Amrita Bhatia, MBA (finance) CFP and have more than seven years of experience

  • My experience with Finguru has been very enriching and educational. Sushant sir and Ankur Sir explained every nuance of every topic very well and guide students at every step of the way. Overall my experience has been absolutely satisfactory and i will definitely recommend Finguru to every aspirant
    Rachita Tripathi, BA (H) Business Economics

  • The teaching methodology is absolutely brilliant and the explanations provided are as per the CFA Program curriculum. All the sessions are interactive. Queries are also solved in the dedicated time frame.
    Isha, B. Com (F) 5-year experience

  • The overall experience was fruitful. Mr Suri is one of the best faculties that I have come across during my education. He is the first person I could recommend for teaching. The material tips guidance and teaching methodology was really up to the mark.
    Adarsh, B. Com(Hons), MBA(Finance)

  • The faculty is amazing also the material provided is very helpful.
    Yashika Garg, BBA

  • The faculty at Finguru is really good. I am taking classes here for the second time but I find no other coaching Institute better than this. The material used is precise and covers all the points and concepts. Sushant sirs teaching methodology is really good.
    Gunjan Niraini, B.Com(H)